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News, updates, and thoughts from Brandi.

Upgraded, updated, and habit changes!

Welcome to my new website with an added blog! I’m so excited about my new look and all the things that are coming in the future! I will bring you content on communication, health, and […]

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The Holidays are coming…are you ready?

We made it through Halloween and now it’s time for the real holidays! This is the time when people working on their health are trying to figure out how do I enjoy the holidays, still […]

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Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Eat Clean!

Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Eat Clean! Do you ever wonder why we constantly see information to eat healthy whole foods, but then go to the store and can’t imagine doing that because of the […]

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Changing the Way Civilization Eats

A study conducted in 2020 on the eating habits of subjects in the UK reported that 64% of people had no change in their eating habits during their shut down from March 29 to May […]

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It’s Valentine’s Moooonth!

Let’s be honest, not everyone loves V-day for various reasons. They don’t have a SO, they don’t like their SO (LOL), or they claim they aren’t really into the holiday because they feel love shown […]

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It’s tough being a woman, isn’t it?

As women our body goes through countless changes over the years; puberty and motherhood to name a few. Then, there are competitive sports, such as gymnastics, dance, cheer, and bodybuilding. (I’m a fan of all […]

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