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Changing the Way Civilization Eats

A study conducted in 2020 on the eating habits of subjects in the UK reported that 64% of people had no change in their eating habits during their shut down from March 29 to May 28 (Herle, et al.). Considering the information of Covid-19 being a deadly infectious disease, it would be the appropriate time to change one’s eating habits, but as we see from the study that was not the case. If civilization is not willing to make changes to their eating habits during one of the deadliest pandemics, it will be extremely difficult to make changes during any other time.

Change starts in the home. Our environment has a lot to do with what we choose to eat. Many Americans live in an obesogenic environment, which is an environment that promotes overconsumption of calories while discouraging physical activity (Insel, et al., 2017). In my home, I have switched to mostly organic, which my husband has to adjust to and does not always love. For the most part, my daughter loves to eat healthily and really does not notice a difference in organic versus non-organic depending on the food item. I make it my mission to teach my daughter the importance of healthy eating and health overall.

Unfortunately, many people/households have not made any changes over the past almost two years. If it is not a quick easy fix, people do not want to do it no matter how much information you provide. People want to try one different diet after another claiming one or the other does not work, but never sticking long enough to anything to notice a difference. If people have not made changes after seeing the majority of deaths from Covid-19 are related to obesity and heart disease, they are more than likely to accept the way they live their lives and the consequences that come with it. This may be a harsh truth for some, but I would not be doing my job if I did not provide the truth. If you are ready to commit to making a change reach out and touch somebody’s hand…(hahahaha I couldn’t resist), but seriously schedule a coaching call, so I can help you create a sustainable plan for yourself!

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