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It’s Valentine’s Moooonth!

Let’s be honest, not everyone loves V-day for various reasons. They don’t have a SO, they don’t like their SO (LOL), or they claim they aren’t really into the holiday because they feel love shown every day all year round. I totally get it!

Let’s just say you’re one of the above. How do we make this day special no matter what or do we even need to? I believe it all boils down to communication (insert shocked face)

Let’s say you’re single, but you really want a partner. Most people have a list of expectations of what they want in a partner. If you don’t, you should! However, if we do have a list, we also have to ask ourselves, “am I the person my ideal partner is looking for”? We can’t have expectations without acknowledging that person also will have expectations and if we don’t meet theirs, we’ll never find our ideal partner because they won’t be looking for us. So, make sure you’re not just on the hunt, but also making sure you’re ready for when that person does come.

On to the couples! If you’re struggling with your connection and really not feeling the love right now, here are 3 things you can do to help rebuild that connection:

  1. Ask yourself where you might be falling short in creating the connection you want?
  2. Find out what your love language is and what your partner’s love language is. You can do this by taking the quiz here or also by reading “The Five Love Languages”. Once you’ve done this make sure you are showing your partner love in the way they need to be loved, not the way you need to be loved!
  3. Attend my communication webinar “Conflict Resolution” on February 8th at 6:30pm CST. You can register here. Learn how to communicate effectively and really understand each other’s needs.

Through VERY difficult times in my marriage, I’ve learned that HOW we communicate is the foundation of everything else.  Communication is key to any successful relationship!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Remember YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE in your reaction to someone else’s actions!